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PREFERENCE. The paying or securing to one or more of his creditors, by an insolvent debtor, the whole or a part of their claim, to the exclusion of the rest. By preference is also meant the right which a creditor has acquired over others to be paid first out of the
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But it does require them not to tell anyone about their sexual preference. VOA: special.2010.02.06 Whereas we all know that the universe is of a certain kind– — we can’t even call it Copernican anymore– poetry has this
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可可在線詞典為廣大英語學習愛好者提供優質的在線查詞服務 choice 側重指自由選擇的權利或特權。 alternative 指在相互排斥的兩者之間作嚴格的選擇,也可指在兩者以上中進行選擇。 preference 側重因偏見,愛好或判斷等而進行選擇。 option 著重特別給予的選擇權利或權力,所選物常常相互排斥。
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可輸入英文單字,中文字詞,臺灣地址,計算式 按[Enter]重新輸入 沒有發現關於 [for+preference] 的資料 相似字 (pydict): ” for preference ” 相似字 (xdict): ” for preference “
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線上英漢字典/中文 拼音/計算機 Chinese-English Dictionary / Calculator Enter chinese/english word(s), Taiwan address or math. expression : 可輸入英文單字,中文字詞,臺灣地址,計算式
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preference dividend的中文翻譯,preference dividend是什么意思,怎么用漢語翻譯preference dividend,preference dividend的中文意思,preference dividend的中文,preference dividend in Chinese,preference dividend的中文,preference dividend怎么讀,發音,例句,用法和解釋由查查在線詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。
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language preference may be change here的翻譯結果。 本翻譯工具支援: 丹麥文, 亞塞拜然文, 亞美尼亞文, 伊博文, 俄文, 保加利亞文, 偵
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